Guest Rooms
Please choose your preferred room to stay
from three types of guest room.
Japanese-style room
with an open-air hot spring bath
While watching cherry blossoms in spring and colorful leaves in fall,
you can enjoy an open-air hot spring bath privately and relax in a Japanese-style room.
Twin room
with an open-air hot spring bath
This is a twin room where you can enjoy bathing in an open-air hot spring bath privately.
Japanese-style room
A traditional Japanese-style room overlooking mountain streams,
where you can experience the culture of tatami mats and futon beds
Spend a peaceful time with the bubbling sound of the streams in the background.
Dinner in your room
Dinner will be served in your room
(or in a private banquet room).
Free Wi-Fi connection is available in all the rooms.
Yukata (casual kimono worn as loungewear, a bathrobe, etc.) are supplied for guests to wear inside the inn.