Hot springs
The closest hot spring resort to Kansai International Airport
Inunakiyama Onsen in Izumisano, Osaka
The hot water flowing from a secluded hot spring at the foot of Mt. Inunaki deep inside
the lush greenery of nature is popular as a "hot spring of beauty" that is gentle on your skin.
Ryokan has been attracting attention since the opening of Kansai International Airport as
the closest hot spring resort to the rest of the world.
Recently, it has been highlighted as a power spot with spiritual significance.
Open-air Bathing
While enjoying the beautiful views of lush mountain streams,
you can experience the ultimate pleasure of a natural hot spring in the open-air bath.
Relish a refreshing moment for your mind and body.
Large Public Bath
Experiencing the beauty of each season, spend a blissful time in a "hot spring for beautiful skin" that nourishes both your skin and your soul.
The abundant flow of hot spring water is believed to alleviate cold sensitivity, lower back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.
It also relieves travel fatigue.
Private Bath
A private bath is recommended for families and couples. You can fully enjoy the hot spring in a private space.
60 minutes
2,750 yen (tax included)
  • Reservation required
One-day Trip
for Hot Spring Bathing
Explore the beauty of Mt. Inunaki, including cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and enjoy a one-day trip for hot spring bathing.
One-Day Trip Bathing Fee
Adult: 900 yen per person
Child: 450 yen per child
  • free for children under 2 years old
(the reception is open until 20:00)
  • The number of bathers is limited during busy hours.
face towel (for sale) 100 yen
Bath towel (for rent) 200 yen
Inunakiyama Onsen
Water quality of the hot spring
Simple cold sulfur mineral spring (hypotonic alkaline cold mineral spring)